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Gordon's Pinetree, aka: pinetree.org, is a domain in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Founded by Gordon Dewis (visit his blog here) in March 1992, pinetree.org began life as a UUCP connected domain, running on an XT using Waffle 1.65. At one point, there were over 12 UUCP connected machines in the domain. The original goal of the domain was to provide easy access to email and Usenet news.

Several domains on the Internet got their start as members of pinetree.org:

Pinetree has been devoting spare CPU cycles to various number crunching contents. First there were the RC4/RC5/DES coordinated attacks the Distributed.net was participating in. Since April 6, 1999, Pinetree has been processing signal data received at the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico as part of the SETI@home project. So far, two Pinetree machines are crunching the data. Who knows, maybe Pinetree will reveal a "blip" that will turn out to be an alien civilization!

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Since its inception pinetree (the machine) has undergone several upgrades, to the point where it is now a Pentium 233 MHz machine with approximately 3.5 Gb of mounted drive space, an Iomega Zip drive (SCSI version) which provides 100Mb of removable storage, a 14.4 kbps dial-up modem and a 28.8 kbps V.34/V.FC modem on a SLIP connection. SLIP connectivity is provided by The Clones Society.

In the past, Pinetree has been pleased to host Musica Viva's website and the official mailing list for the Arrogant Worms.

Pinetree's hardware comes exclusively from The Clones Society, a really cool company here in Ottawa.

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Gordon Dewis <gordon@pinetree.org>